Two people have been shot in an attempted armed robbery at a berry farm in Whakatane.

Senior Sergeant Mark van der Kley, of Whakatane Police, told the Whakatane Beacon the incident took place at Julian's Berry Farm.

A police spokeswoman told the Herald two people have been "hit by pellets after a weapon was fired at the floor".

Police began receiving calls about the incident shortly before 1.30pm.


The Armed Offenders Squad attended the incident.

A St John Ambulance spokesman said two people were taken to Whakatane Hospital at 1.44pm.

He said one had moderate injures, while the other had minor injuries. He could not give further details.

German tourists have told the Beacon a male entered the store with a gun and demanded money before he fired the weapon.

The tourists left the scene and did not see if anyone was injured.

The man had his face covered and was wearing a red jacket, they said.

Julian's Berry Farm owner Monica Julian said she was unable to say exactly what happened but wanted the public to know that everyone was okay.

She said staff members were shaken from what had happened.

Julian said she had been out running when the incident happened, and came back to the farm to discover police there.

"The police are here at the moment interviewing everyone. Everyone is shaken but everyone is really strong. We just want the stupid person caught."

She said there were about 15 staff members working at the time.

Police have now left the scene and the gate to the berry farm is closed.

"Closed due to armed robbery. Open tomorrow," a note on the gate read.

Armed police were at the scene earlier and turning people away at the gate.