15-year old Phoebe Jury has a talent for handling horses.

But not just any horses, miniatures.

"I started when I was seven and then I started competing in youth classes. My older sister was doing it and I thought it was pretty cool," she says.

Miss Jury has been selected to be part of the New Zealand youth team, to go to Australia in April.

She's the only competitor from the North Island.

"She enjoys getting out there and being competitive, she's really competitive. Making the New Zealand team just really finishes off the success she has had over the last few years. She's done very well for herself," says Diane Jury, Phoebe's mother.

Phoebe competes in several categories including trail and jumping, which are her favourite events.

"Jumping basically is a set of jumps that the horse has to trot around nicely, go over them nicely and go clear. Trail is more bushy stuff that you would usually see more out in the wild like going over bridges," says Miss Jury.

Sometimes it can be tough. But there is one part of the competition that keeps her coming back for more.

"Winning, I do enjoy winning," says Miss Jury.


While miniature horses are her life for now, she has dreams of training to become a zoologist in the future.

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