Concerts and other events could be held in the residential red zone to take pressure off Hagley Park.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel floated the idea at a council meeting on Thursday that holding "concerts and various other events" would be a good transitional use of the land.

It is not the first time the red zone has been suggested as a location for concerts and other big events.

Hands off Hagley, the park's watch dog group, suggested last year popular noisy events should be hosted in the residential red zone to stop damage to the park.


Ms Dalziel said on Thursday holding events in the red zone would "re-engage the community in the area".

The residential red zone is 430ha of land, an area two and a half times the size of Hagley Park.

Her comments came after city councillor Aaron Keown said that he had received a number of complaints regarding the lack of available parking at Hagley Park for events.

In November the city council banned parking on the grassed areas in Hagley Park.

Previously vehicles could be parked on the fields for major events, but the practice was damaging the land.

Ms Dalziel said the city councillors needed an update on the parking situation.