A West Auckland father sleeps with an axe after his partner's sons were chased and harrassed by a stranger in a van.

Murray, who did not want to give his last name, says a man started following the siblings when they left their home on Fruitvale Rd about 10.30pm on January 8, Fairfax reported.

"He knows where I live," he said, "I never leave my daughter by herself and I sleep with an axe."

The boys, aged 16, 14, 13, live with their mother and ran to Murray's house across the road for help.


He says the driver asked the eldest boy to "come in".

"My thoughts went straight to the boy who was abducted in Ranui," he told Fairfax.

Murray followed the van to Titirangi but then lost it.

He says he is frightened because the stranger knows where he lives and a neighbour heard "odd noises" in the backyard while he was away.

He has told the police about the van, who are investigating.