A teacher has admitted falsifying NCEA documents because he was "panicked" and overwhelmed by work.

The teacher, who has interim name suppression, signed another teacher's name on student work, in order to pretend his marking had been checked.

But random monitoring by NCEA officials found that no such moderation had taken place.

At a Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal hearing this afternoon, officials pointed out that NCEA relied on internal assessments, and the moderation of those marks.


In such a high-trust environment, his actions were seen as bringing the entire teaching profession into disrepute.

The teacher appeared at the hearing to explain his actions.

He said he was new to New Zealand, after teaching in the UK for several years. When he became overwhelmed with work, he didn't know who to ask for help.

The man told the tribunal that he'd just found out his contract at the school wasn't being renewed.

He was worried about work and having to move his family again.

"I left it to the last minute and panicked, then just wrote [another teacher's name] on the sheet.

"I would like to think I've still got a lot to offer. There aren't many days when I don't think about what I did and the consequences."

The teacher told the tribunal he was willing to undertake any professional development or conditions that would allow him to continue teaching.

The tribunal expects to deliver its decision next month.