A police negotiator has persuaded a woman to leave the roof of Centre Place in Hamilton.

A short while before this breakthrough an ambulance and fire truck were moved further away from the building to reduce spectators.

A second person - who appears to be a male police officer - had joined the police negotiator on the building a short while before.

An area of Hamilton had been closed after police received reports of two people on the roof of Centre Place.


The incident happened on the Bryce St side of the shopping area, a police spokeswoman confirmed.

St John, fire and police were in attendance and Bryce St between Anglesea St and Victoria St was blocked.

Police confirmed earlier that one of the two women on the Centre Place roof had come down while another remained. A police negotiator was then on the roof talking with the woman.

The Fire Service was at the scene assisting police, northern communications centre shift manager Colin Underdown said.

At that stage there were "a couple of young females on the roof", he said, adding that firefighters were there to help bring the girls down safely, he said.

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