A person has been injured in a crash in Canterbury early this morning, but the outcome could easily have been more tragic, police say.

The driver of the vehicle, whose age and gender has not been revealed, was thrown from the car in the crash on Tram Rd, West Eyreton. They were not wearing a seat belt, police said this morning.

"Seat belts are there for a reason - to protect you,'' police said.

The driver was taken to Christchurch Hospital.


St John said the driver was initially taken in a serious condition. However, police said just before 11am the driver had suffered moderate injuries.

Senior constable Tu Maaka, who attended the crash, said fatigue appeared to be a factor.

"Drivers need to stop and rest if they feel tired. This applies to driving at any time of the day and over any distance.

"It is essential people make responsible decisions before getting behind the wheel,'' Maaka said.

"The person involved in this crash is very lucky it didn't turn out worse.''