A Turangi woman was rescued off Lake Taupo after going missing while fishing in her sea kayak.

A police media statement said the 40 year-old headed out from Pukawa about 5pm last night and her partner called police at 8.30pm when she had not returned.

He last saw her at about 7pm a short distance off shore, but when he next looked for her at 8.30pm she was nowhere to be seen.

Another Pukawa resident called police to say he'd been watching the kayak, but it had blown so far offshore he lost sight of it as the sun was setting.


The Turangi Coastguard began a search from the beach towards Motuoapa and found the woman in her kayak frantically waving her paddle. By then it was dark and she was about 3km offshore.

The strong wind and choppy conditions had blown her towards the middle of the lake and she was unable to paddle home. She was taken on board the coastguard vessel and safely returned to her partner at Pukawa.

Police said the woman was suitably dressed, was wearing a buoyancy vest and had a vessel suitable for the conditions, although she did not have any means of communication.

Police said all people going out on the water should always carry two separate waterproof ways of communication so they can call for help if necessary.