A New Zealand farmer performed amateur surgery to free a pig stuck in a dead cow.

Farmer Jack Brennan filmed the wild pig grunting in pain as its back legs appeared to be stuck in a cow it had eaten its way through, the Daily Mail reported.

Asked what he did, he replied: "Tried cutting it out."

The 12 seconds of footage, uploaded to Facebook, shows a pig lying on the ground grunting in pain as it struggles to move.


It lets out a louder grunt as it is prodded with a stick.

Mr Brennan them screams at the pig and says: "You won't be hungry."
The video has been viewed 243,000 times since it was uploaded in February 2015, with the cow not clearly visible in the footage.

It's unknown if the pig, filmed on Mr Brennan's farm at Omarama, in the South Island, was freed.

His Facebook followers asked him what he did for the pig.