A Hastings taxi driver was ambushed and assaulted by a group of youths on Sunday afternoon.

The taxi driver who wished not to be named had his glasses taken from his head and flung to the back of his van after being confronted by seven boys aged 10-17.

"I was taking a customer's phone back to the station and was about to pull out from McLeod St when I noticed in the rear vision mirror a group of boys gathered around a tree."

Before the taxi driver had the chance to lock the doors two of the boys ran and sat down by the back window and four others arrived at the passenger door.


"They said to me 'can you drop us off mister' and I said 'not if you don't have any money'. Next thing you know they've lunged and taken both phones."

"I reacted and dived over to grab the phones back but wasn't quick enough. As I sat back in my seat another boy king hit me in the side of the head."

While the driver came to terms with what had happened the group of seven shot off on foot towards GJ Gardner Homes on Omahu Rd.

"It took me for surprise and certainly hurt a bit."

Luckily for the taxi driver a passer-by witnessed the assault and ran over to see if he was okay.

"He offered to take a drive to look for the boys before police arrived and came back with pictures of the group."

By the time the taxi driver had arrived at the station, police managed to catch the group but the phones were missing.

Never in the taxi driver's life had this happened before and he never saw it coming.

"In hindsight I should of seen it when I saw them by the tree but hindsight is a wonderful thing. They definitely knew what they were doing. I just needed to have quicker reactions."

The taxi driver is still feeling the effects from what was supposed to be a quiet Sunday afternoon and has a doctor's appointment today.

"I have had a bad headache since so thought I better go and get a check-up just in case."

Despite this happening, the taxi driver remains in high spirits and will continue to do his job with no fear.

"I am so thankful to the guy in the community who helped me and I have been given his details from police, so will be in touch shortly."