What was your summer job when you were at school, and what did it entail?

The summer job I remember the most was working at the Hellers sausage and bacon factory in Kaiapoi in Christchurch in 2004 when I was aged 16, 17. I was in, I suppose, what you would call the "bacon room". I would go into the bacon freezer, take the bacon out and put it into big tubs. Yeah, that was me, doing that from five in the morning through to 2pm.

How/why did you end up working there?
I was in the First XV at Christchurch Boys' High at the time and we had to raise $1500 each for an overseas trip to a world First XV competition so that was my motivation for taking the job.

How did you feel about it?
Well, I didn't like working in a bacon room from five in the morning to two in the afternoon! (laughs). But looking back, it was an awesome experience for me. I had to get up early, I had to get to work on time and I then had to work hard. Then I had to go to the gym after that for my training. Looking back, I think it was a really important part of my development as a rugby player and for myself.


What was your dream job at that age?
What I'm doing now - playing for the Crusaders and the All Blacks.