Two Waikato police officers have taken a poignant photo after pulling over a dangerously overloaded car at the exact spot of a deadly crash.

The Huntly officers stopped a slow driver between Raglan and Hamilton yesterday, only to realise it was in "exactly the same spot" as a crash that killed a local man, known as Rangi, last year.

"This vehicle was holding up traffic and the guys chucked on their lights to see why the car was driving so slow," police said.

"They then find that the car has a total of six occupants with a young fella laying down in the boot."


During the traffic stop the officers noticed the sadness of the scene, which has a memorial to Rangi on the roadside bank.

"Every year you and I make thousands of decisions. Some good, some bad and some a bit iffy," Waikato police said in their Facebook post of the photo.

"However every now and then one of us will make a decision that will have dire consequences and those are the ones that we need to try and minimise.

"Whether you are the driver of a car, front-seat passenger, rear-seat passenger or boot-seat passenger you have a decision to make."

The occupants of the overloaded car were issued with an infringement notice.