A man who evaded police for more than 370 days was captured after members of the public tipped off police about where he was.

Milton Hira, 30, was arrested at 10.20pm last night at an address in South Auckland.

He has been charged with breaching his electonically monitored bail conditions and will appear in court this week.

The Herald revealed this week that Hira had allegeldy cut off his bracelet and had been on the run from police for more than a year.


Police confirmed Hira was arrested just before the New Year ticked over.

After receiving information from members of the public, officers cordoned off a Manurewa property, where about 40 people were present.

A number of gang members were at the property and resisted the officers entering, which allowed Hira to make a run for it.

He allegeldy took off out the back of the house but was spotted by police at the cordon.

Officer chased him and arrested him at a property next door.

The Herald has learned that police also arrested a woman at the address.

She had a warrant out for her arrest, but it is not known yet if she will face any charges relating to Hira's months on the run.