A screenshot purporting to be from the Government website's 'Page not found' 404 error screen has surfaced on the internet to the delight of many.

The screen shows a map of the world, accompanied by the headline "We're sorry, something's missing".

The screenshot first appeared on the Tumblr and has been viewed by over 95,000 people.

What most found so humorous, was the actual map of New Zealand was left off.


While Daily Mail could not verify if the Tumblr post is real or fake, the founder of Tumblr site, "World Maps without New Zealand" claimed the error message was indeed correct and was taken in September.

The blog's founder, Arnold from Wellington, compiles a list from around the world of other instances where New Zealand has been left off the world map.

"It's quite amusing to not find New Zealand not there half of the time," he said.

While he started with just a handful of maps, he has now been bombarded with submissions - with examples including everything from tattoos to children's playground and even world map puzzles.

The 4.4 million person, 268,000 square kilometre, island nation has a landmass bigger than the size of Great Britain, and was voted the "best travel destination" by Lonely Planet two years in a row.

Auckland based producer, Tessa Mitchelson, told the Daily Mail about a time when she attended a geopolitics talk where the lecturer's power point left New Zealand off the map.

"As a Kiwi, I'm used to people leaving New Zealand off the map, but not in a university lecture. When traveling I constantly get mistaken for an Australian. It's like we don't even exist sometimes."

Landing on a HTTP 404 'page not found' error page typically means that the webpage could not be reached on the server.


This article was originally published on the Daily Mail