A man was caught speeding four times in little over an hour in the Lindis Pass.

Zihao Liu, of Hamilton, was caught by a mobile speed camera three times in 50 minutes travelling between 129km/h and 150km/h on State Highway 8 on September 10.

The 24-year-old's driving prompted the camera's operator to request a road policing patrol.

Senior Constable Phil Beckwith caught the man speeding again about 25 minutes later near Tarras, this time travelling 140km/h.

Alexandra road policing group Sergeant Bruce Martin said police decided to prosecute Liu, who had already accumulated 125 demerit points.


"There was clearly a pattern of poor driving," Martin said, in police magazine Ten One this month.

Liu pleaded guilty and was convicted of driving at a dangerous speed. He was disqualified from driving for six months and fined $750 plus court costs in the Hamilton District Court last month.

A summary of facts said when he was pulled over, Liu said he was passing another vehicle. "When advised of the three other speed recordings he made no comment and appeared unconcerned," the summary said.