In a little over a week, New Zealand politics has been transformed.

The country has a new Prime Minister, a new deputy, and before the weekend is over, there will be a new cabinet, the first ministry assembled by Bill English - PM now for six days.

And the changes haven't been confined to the Government. Labour leader Andrew Little yesterday outlined changes to his lineup, and as we reveal today his deputy, veteran MP Annette King, won't be standing again in her Wellington seat - a move which could open an electorate door for Little, a list MP.

And former MP Laila Harre, whose political journey has seen her shift from Labour through the NewLabour Party and Alliance to the Green Party before becoming leader of the Internet Party, has returned to Labour and could be a candidate at the next election.


The Greens too have been caught by the winds of change. Two of its MPs - Steffan Browning and Catherine Delahunty - are to leave Parliament next year.

As is customary at this time of year, political editor Audrey Young selects her politician of the year. All in all, it's been a momentous political week.