Parents are usually sitting proudly in the audience ad they watch their children graduate from university.

But it's less often that they watch from side of stage as they graduate themselves - let alone both parents.

That was the Clarke family's situation at this year's AUT University summer graduation.

Ashley Clarke, her mother Sharlene and father Russell joined the more than 4000 students graduating.


Ashley graduated from a three-year nursing degree, her mother from postgraduate studies in Advanced Nursing Practice, and her father from postgraduate studies in Paramedicine and Advanced Resuscitation.

All three have nursing degrees. Photo / Facebook
All three have nursing degrees. Photo / Facebook

Ashley's Bachelor in Health Science degree was the same undergraduate degree as both her parents.

Russell had graduated in 2004 and now works as an Intensive Care Paramedic with the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Sharlene graduated AUT in 2009 and now works as an Associate Clinical Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department at Waitakere Hospital.