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As controversial Republican Donald Trump edges closer to victory in the US Presidential Election, "Move to New Zealand" has begun to trend on Google. In the past week, the number of US-based internet users searching the phrase has jumped exponentially. According to Twitter trend tracker Trendsmap NZ, "terrifying" is now trending in New Zealand.

And according to developer James Macfie, related Google Trends queries for "Move to New Zealand" include "Places to move if Trump wins," and "New Zealand real estate." Earlier British newspaper The Telegraph tweeted "Oh, America. People in the US increasingly search for 'end of the world' over the last few hours." Meanwhile, some social media users are considering moving Down Under. Creator of Netflix series Jessica Jones, Brian Michael Bendis, tweeted: "I loved New Zealand. How are things down there?" While this Imgur user shared his plans for the evening:
My girlfriend's and my plan for this evening.