Gold Coast playboy Gable Tostee will receive a six-­figure sum for a tell-all interview about his fatal encounter with Warriena Wright.

Mr Tostee, who yesterday became the first person to down a seven-litre milkshake at a local cafe, will give a paid interview to 60 Minutes about the night Ms Wright fell from his 14th-floor balcony.

The 30-year-old carpet layer will app­ear on the program on November 13, less than a month after he was acquitted of killing New Zealand tourist Ms Wright.

It is understood Channel 9 won a bidding war with its rival - Channel 7's Sunday Night program - to ­secure the interview.


Yesterday, the former gym junkie caused a social media storm when he became the first person to down a seven-litre choc malt milkshake called the "Godfather" at a Southport cafe.

The cafe, Gangster and Gatsby, posted a photograph of Mr ­Tostee with the empty glass on its Facebook page, drawing hundreds of comments within the first hour.

He guzzled the shake in an impressive 13 minutes - far shy of the 45-minute time limit.

Ms Wright, 26, fell to her death on August 8, 2014, after an altercation inside Mr Tostee's apartment.

Mr Tostee, who once boasted of having slept with more than 200 women, dragged an intoxicated Ms Wright on to his balcony after she hit him with the metal clamp from a telescope.

During the night, Ms Wright's behaviour had become increasingly erratic and Mr Tostee had repeatedly pleaded with her to stop hitting him.

In the early hours of the morning, Mr Tostee lost his temper and locked her on the balcony, shouting that she was a "psycho bitch" and was lucky he had not thrown her from his balcony.

An audio recording Mr Tostee made of the night captured the harrowing screams of Ms Wright as she was dragged outside. She pleaded to be allowed to go home but seconds later fell as she tried to climb to the balcony below.

Police claimed Mr Tostee was responsible for her death because his behaviour had "intimidated" Ms Wright into fleeing to a lower balcony. But the jury disagreed and found him not guilty of both murder and manslaughter.

60 Minutes yesterday confirmed that it had secured the interview.