A senior Christchurch Boys High student spotted running through two girls schools wearing a Nazi slogan on his chest has fronted.

The Year 13 pupil ran, with a group of other boys, through Christchurch Girls High School and Rangi Ruru Girls School at lunchtime yesterday.

He had the words "sieg heil" written across his chest, and was wearing nothing else but his underwear.

Headmaster Nic Hill was disappointed over the teenager's antics - but was pleased the student had fessed up early.


"He's come to school this morning and told senior staff it was him," he said. "It's good, he's reflected and come forward straight away."

Hill said a letter was being sent to the boys and their parents with a clear message that racial intolerance was not okay.

"Christchurch boys will not tolerate racism," he said. "The student has acted in a way that undermines the inclusive values of the school.

"He will need to make amends."

However, Hill said a decision over how he could make amends was to be made later in the day, after a discussion with the teen in question was had.

He would not be planning on publicly identifying the teenager.

Photos of the incident had been forwarded from the girls' schools to senior management, but Hill said these were also not going to be publicly released.

Hill said for any other boys looking to end their high school careers in another naked run - should think again.

"It's about leaving school well and respecting the values of the school that they've built over the five years."

A police spokeswoman confirmed a report of students running down the street in their underwear had been made, but no further action was required at this stage.