Gable Tostee and his Kiwi girlfriend are planning to move to New Zealand once he finishes his studies.

The plan was revealed on an Australian television show a few weeks before Tostee's recent murder trial began.

Lizzi Evans, whose real name is Elizabeth Smith and hails from Havelock North in Hawke's Bay, appeared as a guest on a consumer affairs segment of the Australian show A Current Affair, talking about her boyfriend and their plans for the future.

In the interview, Evans said the couple planned to move to New Zealand together once her partner finished his architecture studies.


9 News reports she described Tostee as caring and desperate to help her with a pair of shoes she bought online.

"I was saying to my partner, I was getting angry and he was sort of saying, 'oh, look, you know, just wait and see. Just, you know, calm down'," Evans said.

"I'm sort of upset about these shoes. I'm like ranting and raving, 'I'm never going to wear these', and he sort of said, 'well let me see if I can have a go at them and I'll try to modify them into something you would potentially wear'."

Gable Tostee attempts to fix his girlfriend's shoes. Photo / A Current Affair, 9 News
Gable Tostee attempts to fix his girlfriend's shoes. Photo / A Current Affair, 9 News

Evans joined a Facebook discussion group created during Tostee's Supreme Court trial for the murder of Warriena Wright, where she repeatedly made posts in defence of him.

In a series of private messages with two members of the group - obtained by - Evans said she was Tostee's partner and that they had been seeing each other for "quite a while".

In a number of posts made throughout the trial, Evans not only attacked Wright, but said her partner planned to sue a number of media organisations for defamation and said he stood to make "quite a bit".

Wright plunged to her death from Tostee's 14th storey Gold Coast balcony while on a Tinder date with him in August 2014.

Tostee was acquitted of both the murder and manslaughter of Wright.