Rent prices in Rotorua may be showing signs of stabilising but a first time renter says trying to find a home was still a "dreadful" experience.

Rotorua woman Amy Ralph said it was all down to luck and good timing that she found a suitable rental in Lynmore.

Ms Ralph recently sold her home and decided to rent while she looked for something she wanted to buy.

"Finding a rental in this market was dreadful, it was so hard. A lot of the time you had to view the property before submitting an application but the viewings were always held during work time so I had to keep asking my boss for time off.


"Sometimes you get to a property and it's good but you're looking at it with five or six other hopeful tenants. Other times there will be a property listed online that only has a couple of pictures and when you get there you know straight away it's a no-go."

She said her situation was complicated further trying to find a place that would also allow her dog.

"With pets, a lot of property managers said I had to put in the application first and then they would go to the landlord to see if pets were negotiable. It would have saved a lot of time and effort if they could have let me know up front."

Ms Ralph said she often felt like she was wasting her time.

"It's not the property managers' fault, it's just that so many people are needing a place to live that everyone's slammed. It makes it really difficult though when you're looking for a place to live and some of your inquiries don't even get answered."

She said her property manager, Jenna Austin from LJ Hooker, was a godsend.

"Without her I'd likely still be looking."