Four days after the body of Beth Christina Winfield was found on the bank of the Waikato River, her family are still waiting for answers about how their "beautiful" sister and daughter died.

Winfield's sister Lily Hoebers said the family had "literally heard nothing" from police investigating the 23-year-old's death.

"We're still in limbo. My parents are struggling to hold up everday. I don't think it's quite hit me yet."

She described her sister as a "very outspoken, headstrong, sensitive" person.


"She didn't really care what people thought to be honest."

Winfield was last seen playing with her dogs at a nearby reserve.

Hoebers told the Herald Winfield went to the river where she was found dead everyday to exercise her beloved dogs.

"Her main focus in life was her dogs. She did dog agility."

Winfield's year-old border collie cross Toby and 5-year-old staffy cross Bindi alerted passerbys of their owner's death around 4pm, by running up and down the river bank barking with their leads still attached to their collars.

Hoebers said one of the dogs had been jumping on her body, as if it was trying to wake her up.

As well as organising a farewell for their loved one Winfield's family must re-home her pets. Hoebers has asked anyone interested in adopting Toby and Bindi to email her on

Winfield's funeral will be at Hamilton Central Baptist Church at 12.30pm next Wednesday.


Winfield's parents, Carole and Neil posted Facebook tributes on a dedicated page set up in Winfield's memory.

Carole Winfield wrote that her daughter looked "stunning" after being a hair model and father Neil Winfield asked for more photographs.

Dozens of friends posted heartfelt tributes and one put together a slideshow of photos of Winfield to the Rod Stewart song Sailing.

"Farewell baby cousin. You were a pain in the arse, but still my little cousin, and we loved you," wrote a relative.

On Thursday police wanted to speak to anyone who had seen a black Subaru station wagon in the area, which had been parked at the reserve while Winfield played with her dogs.

Any sightings of the vehicle or information can be passed on to Detective Sergeant Terri Wilson of the Hamilton CIB on (07) 858 6200 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.