Unopposed Napier Mayor Bill Dalton says he has conflicting emotions about the new Napier City Council table.

"As the Mayor, it's absolutely mixed emotions," he said.

Losing three of his existing Council members was extremely saddening. "It was definitely a great disappointment. All three offered great ideas. It's been the best team of people I've worked with.

"I'm going to miss Mark Herbert's experience and dedication, Michelle Pyke's empathy with the people on struggle street, and Mark Hamilton was a refreshing and intelligent man."


He expressed his sympathy for those voted out.

"You don't stand and get beaten and not be disappointed."
Celebrations will be limited with Council members getting straight into work.

" I have invited all 12 council members for a function next Friday. But we'll be handing out the work schedule at the same time."

With a new term, the mayor said he is looking forward to achieving numerous tasks around Napier.

" We have an unprecedented number of projects either in the planning stage, design stage and so forth. Our number one priority is to complete all projects properly and efficiently. Our second priority is to keep rates down and keep Napier affordable. We have 4 new councillors who will bring new ideas. In many ways it's good for the city. We all want to achieve the same thing.

As for working with Larry Dallimore, Mr Dalton said he is more than happy.
" The Dalton and Dallimore family go way back. Larry was the first person I rang and congratulated."