This heartwarming footage shows how a father and his young family spent their weekend feeding the homeless.

Te Kaipo Ahuriri, his wife Tuhoe Ahuriri and their daughter were seen handing out free sandwiches and hot drinks to rough sleepers in Palmerston North, New Zealand, on Saturday and Sunday.

A video showing homeless people's shocked and grateful reactions has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook, where it has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times.

Ahuriri took to the streets after growing frustrated with a perceived lack of effort from the government to tackle homelessness in his town.


The touching clip shows him beckoning over a homeless man, called Angelo, to offer him a cup of tea.

Angelo does not seem to believe the offer is real at first and continues to try to sell flowers he picked from the roadside to Mrs Ahuriri.

The homeless man offers him $2 for the beverage, which the father declines as he hands over the drink for free.

Angelo calls him "amazing" as the heavily-tattooed father offers another man a free sandwich.

In the adorable video, the man's daughter can be heard chatting away and asking to get out of the car so she can come and join in.

She is eventually allowed out and dances around as her father continues to feed the homeless.

Ahuriri, who is looking to set up a soup kitchen, came back the next day with hot food for more people.

To thank him, Angelo returned and gave flowers to his wife and daughter.

'This is reality out here on the streets,' Ahuriri wrote on Facebook.

'I want to raise awareness about the homeless out here. If my wife and I can can help the needy on the benefit, imagine what the government could do with the millions they wasted on the flag referendum.

'The courtesy and manners these homeless have is something that can't be brought and what a lot of us lack. [Angelo] offered me his only $2 coin he'd just got from begging for the hot drink and food I'd offered him.'

He later thanked people for their support and backed other charities and support groups that help the homeless.