A Christchurch toddler has become New Zealand's youngest Bonus Bonds millionaire.

The three-year-old had recently returned home from holiday with his family when Bonus Bonds called to announce the boy had won $1 million.

"My husband was literally pumping the air when he was on the phone," the boy's mother said.

"As soon as he got off and told me, we were running around, so thrilled. It was definitely a jump-up-and-down moment.


"We always thought our boy was really special, he was born on Christmas Day, which is quite unique. And now he's the youngest Bonus Bonds winner to date," she said.

The couple had set up their son's Bonus Bonds account when he was born. The account had $250 worth of bonds purchased for him.

The oldest Bonus Bonds million-dollar winner is 92 years old.

A Bonus Bonds spokesman said other young children had won Bonus Bonds prizes but the three-year-old was the youngest to collect the top monthly prize.

He said a Bonus Bonds manager could sell bonds to children aged under seven. However, prizes had to go to the the child's parent or guardian until they turned seven.