Hawke's Bay residents are concerned potential criminals may be posing as tradies to try to enter their homes.

A police spokesman said locals had told police people had approached them offering to do handyman work and the complainants were concerned some were not really tradespeople, but were trying to enter locals' homes to commit crime.

Hawke's Bay police acknowledged it was normal for tradespeople to approach residents to inquire about work and most people who did this were genuine, but recommended residents check people's backgrounds before letting them on to their property.

They said anyone looking to hire someone to do handymen jobs should:
- Check their credentials by looking them up in the phone book or doing a Google search
- Phone relevant trade associations
- Get a quote for the work first and consider getting other quotes


If residents were suspicious of a tradesperson's intentions they should decline the offer and contact Hawke's Bay police on 06 831 0700 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, police said.