Following a rain-filled weekend for parts of the country that brought flooding, slips, and dangerous roads, a heavy rain warning has been put in place for Gisborne and the Coromandel Peninsula.

Up to 120mm of rain is expected around Gisborne tonight, and up to 90mm around Coromandel.

"Both these regions have had significant rainfall accumulations during the last few days, and this rain could exacerbate any issues, such as surface flooding and slips," the MetService said.

"Streams and rivers are likely to remain high and could rise further for a time."


Meanwhile, a storm set to batter parts of Australia will have lost its teeth by the time it reaches New Zealand.

South Australia is to be hit by a severe storm today, which includes heavy rain and lightning. Elements of the storm will contribute to miserable weather in some parts of New Zealand this weekend.

"That storm right now, there's a really significant low, quite a deep low there, affecting Australia," communications meteorologist Lisa Murray said.

"As that pulls away from Australia and heads towards us it actually goes down to the south, so we don't get the full impact.

"The low itself heads to the south of us. Extending from that low there is quite an active trough which will have a front in it. That is going to affect New Zealand over the weekend. It's going to bring rain, especially to western areas of the country.

"All areas in western parts of the country are going to get wet. Eastern areas might just get the odd shower."