A two year old is flexing his muscles and working on his stretches in a range of gym selfies making light of serious fitness fanatics.

Ezra Baker has been hitting the gym about four times a week with his mum and dad.

Kat Baker said they thought it was funny to get their toddler to take a gym selfie.

"We laughed about it. Instead of chucking up our best we're chucking up Ezra's best.


"It's obvious we're the ones working out but we don't want to be the focus... So far it's been cute and fun."

The posts come with typical gym-selfie hashtags like #noexcuses #beastmode #fitspiration. One photo is satirically captioned "first one to the gym, last one to leave".

Baker said Ezra loves copying her yoga moves or working out with dad. But his favourite exercise is just running around. Baker thinks Ezra is "making gains".

"He's just always there and we've got nowhere else to put him.

"He's definitely growing so something's working."

Baker is keen to encourage her son to have a fit, healthy life. She involves him in her hip hop classes and he hardly ever watches TV.

"We've always tried to feed him organic, healthy and balanced food.

"Hopefully he will grow up wanting to be active and fit as well."

Baker moved to New Zealand six years ago after getting burnt out in New York and setting off to travel.

"It was supposed to be my first stop on my world tour but then I met my husband in Dannevirke of all places."