Fire fighters were called up the Mangawhero River on Friday morning to rescue a dog which had fallen down a cliff and become trapped on a bluff.

Whanganui Fire senior station officer Doug Bennett said the dog had fallen down a bank near Ruakawa Falls.

"I think last night the dog must've gone chasing something and fallen over the bank down by the river," Mr Bennett said.

"There was sort of no way for the owner to get down there."


Mr Bennett said it was about an 8m drop down to a bluff and there was no way to access it from the river or for the dog to climb up.

He was not sure of the dog's breed but said it was about 50kg.

"It didn't appear to be injured. It was looking very pleased to be rescued, didn't put up a fight or anything."

Fire fighters used ropes to lift the dog to safety when they got there some time after 9am.

"It was not to taxing but something a bit different."