A spate of damage to parks and reserves in the Waimarino has prompted the police to ask the public to jot down licence plate and vehicle details if they see destructive behaviour.

On at least three occasions over the last three weeks, the Village Green in Ohakune has suffered from damage along with other vandalism to Mangawhero Terrace Extension, Christie Park and in Raetihi.

The Ruapehu District Council is working with police in urging people to help put an end to the vandalism on reserves where cars have been doing burn-outs and drifting.

Those responsible for the most recent incident were visitors to the area.


Council spokesperson Rebecca van Orden said the culprits responsible for the most recent damage have been identified with the help of the public.

"We would like to ask the community to help us stay on top of this problem by contacting the police if they see it happening, or if it is safe, to make a note of the licence plate and vehicle details.

"The police will be stepping up their surveillance of the problem areas, however they cannot be there all the time" she said.

The culprits found after the latest incident will be billed for damages and get a traffic warning from the police.

"While these most recent incidents involved visitors to Ohakune this type of problem occurs throughout the district."

She said public support in condemning the behaviour was key to keeping it under control."

"If young people know that the community strongly disapproves of this type of behaviour and they are likely to be reported to the police along with a bill from council for the damage we believe they are less likely to make these sort of silly decisions" she said.