Two men have been rescued after the commercial fishing boat they were in capsized off the Chatham Islands.

The two crew members on board the Flynny were rescued after they activated a distress beacon 1.8km south of Pitt Island at 11.13 this morning.

Another local fishing boat, the Eclipse, was sent to the scene and arrived to find the two men sitting on the upturned hull. They were brought aboard at 11.40am.

Rescue Co-ordination Centre search and rescue mission co-ordinator Chris Wilson said the area is known as a blackspot for radio signals and the beacon was essential to raise the alarm.


"The skipper and crew of the Eclipse have done a great job to get there so quickly and get the men to safety," she said.

"It's obviously not a great morning for the crew of the Flynny but without the [beacon] it could have been a lot worse."

The cause of the capsize is unknown but the vessel has been righted and is being towed to shore.

Weather conditions in the area are fine, with light northerly winds.