Auckland police have shut down a large dealing network of cocaine and methamphetamine today, ending a three-phase investigation over several months.

Police seized 750g of cocaine and $81,000 in cash in the bust and arrested seven men, including a senior patched member of the Hell's Angels Auckland chapter, bringing the total number of arrests in Operation Ceviche to 13.

All of the men arrested now face between one and 11 counts of methamphetamine and/or cocaine charges. The Hell's Angel member has been charged with possessing for supply and supplying methamphetamine.

Detective Senior Sergeant Lloyd Schmid said the cocaine had a street value of more than $300,000.


"It's unusual to achieve such a big domestic seizure.

"Cocaine is usually picked up in much smaller amounts, so today's find is indicative of people who have been heavily involved in persistent, premeditated, career drug dealing."

Today's find comes after 84g of cocaine was seized earlier this month in the second phase of the operation. Two of the men arrested today had previously been arrested during the second phase.

Police arrested six people, including the Hell's Angel member, during the operation's first phase, which wrapped in June.

Schmid said each of the men arrested had been operating "mini drug supply networks" which police found were linked.

"These offenders were creating some fairly identifiable cocaine. The drug was being mixed with another substance and moulded into ounce-sized bricks with a hand-made wooden press.

"These are people who've been living beyond their means by selling drugs to others, and despite some attempts to conceal their offending, they've now been fully exposed.

"People who choose to involve themselves in the supply of illicit drugs can expect to be held to account."

The maximum penalty for the supply of methamphetamine and cocaine is life imprisonment.