Victims of crime are being encouraged to fight back in an effort to stop the increasing level of burglaries and violent crime.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust says there needs to be a counter movement to stop the onslaught of crime caused by a politically correct criminal friendly mentality.

SST Founder, Garth McVicar said it was now patently obvious that the PC, offender friendly attitude to offenders was a dismal failure and the danger to the public was unacceptable.

"Our communities are experiencing an increasing level of burglary and violence and those paid to protect us are failing us dismally."


"I think the Police do a great job but the Government has failed us through weak legislation; the Judges are failing us through pathetic sentences that fail to deter offenders or hold them to account."

McVicar said he had noted recently that victims were starting to fight back.

"In a recent attempted burglary in Napier the shopkeepers fought back and chased the wannabe thieves away, the second time that had happened in the same premises in recent times."

"SST is saying either the Government steps up and gives the Police the resources and tools to deal with crime and directs the Courts to dish out appropriate sentences or face a backlash from a frustrated and angry public."

"Present legislation is not protecting law-abiding members of our communities; SST believes public safety must be the paramount purpose of all legislation and if the Government does not have the courage to do what needs to be done SST will encourage victims to fight back."

McVicar said New Zealand needs a counter-culture movement to oppose the present criminal centred, offender friendly system that has evolved over recent years.

A police spokesperson said while it's important the public feels safe, they don't support any suggestion that people take up arms.

New Zealand Police is urging people to call them in the first instance when facing a threat to their safety.