A claw hammer and crowbar are no match for a hockey stick and table leg, when wielded by father and son duo Manmohan and Sukhjinder Pal Singh.

Security video of the failed attempt to rob the Te Awa Dairy on Friday shows the two would-be masked robbers stride into the Napier dairy at 5.41am. They sprint out 15 seconds later.

Father Manmohan, a 61-year-old farmer, reached for the table leg under the shop counter and struck the first blow as the first offender arrived at the counter.

The table leg narrowly missed and the robber responded with his hammer, jumping over the counter and returning blows.


The two men grappled behind the counter as his son kept the second assailant at bay with a hockey stick, occasionally landing a blow on his father's assailant.

The grappling pair knocked over the shop counter, blocking the exit of the second offender who retreated to the back of the shop to make his exit.

The first offender also exits, tumbling head first over the fallen counter but finds himself struck with his own crowbar, taken from him by the father.

He picks up a newspaper display stand and throws it at the pair and and the two make their escape.

Sukhjinder Pal told Hawke's Bay Today he was at the counter trying to fix a glitch with the till's computer when the masked pair entered.

"My father thought they were going to attack me," he said.

He said his father said nothing, just reached for the table leg and started swinging.

Police had visited the store and warned them of a spate of attacks in the area, so they placed weapons of defence behind the counter.

He said human safety was the most important thing, and he had started to retreat, "but it happened so quick".

Neither were hurt but police believe the robber that took on his father likely was.

While he is pleased they escaped injury and the video may act as a deterrent to others he is not impressed with the thieves arming themselves.

"That is the first time that has happened. That is not a robbery, that is an attack. That is not good - normally they just run away.

"Everything is insured but no insurance for me. If I am lost I don't come back."