A local car dealer has warned the thieves who stole some mags and tyres off a vehicle behind his business that they may not have got quite what they bargained for.

Their activities were also recorded and have been passed onto the police.

Cars CHB owner Max Sherlock was surprised to discover that the mag wheels and tyres from a Subaru Lancaster at his Takapau Road premises had been stolen over the weekend of August 20.

"If they wanted them so bad they could have just asked me and I would have probably just given them to them without any charge," he says.


"I must apologise to you thieves, though, because the tyres on the mags were below WOF levels, so if you like, bring them in and I'll put some good tyres on for you.

"We also have video surveillance of your fine efforts, which has been passed onto police, and fingerprints from your personally supplied blocks that you so kindly placed the disabled car onto.

"I'm so pleased that you did not damage the car during your efforts, and you could get a job in a maintenance team for a motor racing team - I'd be happy to pass on a reference," Mr Sherlock said.