A family has lost two sons to suspected murder in the space of just six months - with one of the men's bodies still missing.

Brothers Kimble and Gary Moore are the subjects of separate homicide enquiries, with the first disappearing in March, and the second found dead at his home last month.

Their father Billy Moore told Fairfax the family was trying to stay strong in their time of need.

"What's the chances of that? The two brothers? They were the most cruelest deaths you could think of," he said.


Kimble, 48, went missing from Taipa, in Northland, on March 18. He was in the company of fellow Tribesman Rawden Yates, who went on the run and was later arrested on a series of other charges.

Following Kimble's disappearance his family spent months searching for him, to no avail.
This week police launched a homicide inquiry, saying they had gathered information suggesting Kimble had been killed.

Following the announcement, his mother Erana Moore told NZME that Kimble, the eldest of seven siblings, had moved to Kaitaia three years ago after a stint in prison, and had hoped to open a butchery in the Far North.

She said the family had heard many stories about what had happened to her son, including he had been "cut up and put here and there" but there was no evidence that could prove where he was or who might be responsible.

"I know he's gone and I'd be stupid not to accept it. For me it's getting worse. It makes me feel shattered but I'm his mum and I'm not giving up," Mrs Moore said.

"Someone knows what's happened and they need to give the family that bit of respect so we can have that closure for Kimble. I know he was no angel but he's still human."

Police emerge after searching bush at Kaingaroa for missing gang member Kimble Moore, in March.
Police emerge after searching bush at Kaingaroa for missing gang member Kimble Moore, in March.

News of Gary's death came amid the family's search for Kimble, Fairfax said.

Gary's body was found by his partner at home in Otara on July 31.

The 57-year-old died after what was described as a "physical altercation".

Gary's colleague, Teina Taunga, 29, has been charged with his murder and will appear in court next month.

The Moore family told Fairfax that losing Gary "shattered" the family but "at least they had a body to bury".

Anyone with has information on Mr Moore's disappearance can contact Kaitaia Police Station on 09 408 6500.

Facing charges

The last person Kimble was seen with in Taipa was arrested in April after a three week man-hunt. However, the charges do not relate to the disappearance of Kimble.

Kaitaia man Rawden James Yates, 35, was charged with attempted murder in Kaitaia on February 12, arising from the shooting of a man in Archibald St, aggravated robbery and kidnapping at Doubtless Bay, December 14 , unlawful possession of a firearm, February 18, threatening to kill and assault with a firearm, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Marama Pickering, 24, of Kaitaia, is facing three charges of aiding and abetting Yates.