Five people have been arrested in a meth bust on the North Shore - and police have found details of "hundreds" of their clients.

Waitemata Police carried out search warrants on Thursday and Friday, resulting in the arrest of one woman and four men.

Detective Inspector Hayden Mander said methamphetamine, GBL, large amounts of cash and drug paraphernalia were also seized.

"We are confident this group involved in the supply of methamphetamine has been stopped," he said.

"Police have managed to not only block their supply, but also identified hundreds of their clients who we will be following up with to provide prevention advice and local support services."


Mander said the five were charged with a range of charges relating to supply and possession of methamphetamine.

All five are remanded in custody and will appear in North Shore District Court on Saturday and Monday.

"Not only are police committed to stopping the supply of methamphetamine, we are also looking at ways to reduce its use in the community.

"By doing this demand will automatically decrease, making our communities safer.

"Drug dealers constantly exploit those who are addicted and drive them to commit more crime to fund their habit.

"The impact of methamphetamine supply and use in our communities is huge and police will do what they can to take out any supply network and reduce that impact."

Anyone with information about drug harm in their communities can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.