The mother of a 7-year-old girl who suffered leg injuries after getting impaled on a hook on a soccer goal post has described the accident as scary.

Alyssa Gillions was climbing a soccer goal post at the Warwick St Reserve after soccer practice on Friday afternoon when she slipped and a hook went into her right leg.

Fire service and ambulance staff attended to help free her.

Alyssa mother Tania Gillions said it had been a scary incident. Alyssa had surgery on Friday night, and had to stay in hospital for 48 hours to make sure there was no infection.


The surgery had gone "really well" and they were now home, she said.

Alyssa will have a week off school and is not allowed to do sport or gymnastics for three weeks, she said.

Ms Gillions would be contacting the council about it, as she would not want the same thing to happen to another child.

Rotorua Fire Brigade senior station officer Jim Prescott said links which were welded into the back of the goal post for the net to be weaved through had been cut and opened so they were more like a hook.

He said ambulance services gave her a pain killer and the fire brigade lifted her off the hook.

Mr Prescott said they often got called out to jobs where people had been impaled, it was more common in workplace accidents and it was unusual for it to happen on a goal post.