An armed police standoff with a man in a Hamilton house has ended peacefully, police say.

In an earlier statement, a police spokeswoman said the standoff began about 10am Friday when officers tried to arrest a man facing serious charges.

A police media spokesman was unable to confirm if the man had a firearm, but in the statement police confirmed police staff retreated from the Glenview house and sought AOS assistance following "an exchange".

The area was contained, which including partially closing MacDonald Rd and a nearby kindergarten going into lockdown, but police said the public were not at risk.

Just before midnight police confirmed the incident was over.


A man has been arrested and will appear in the Hamilton District Court tomorrow.

A woman also in the Housing New Zealand house with the man was speaking with police.

Cordons have now been lifted and residents can return to their homes, police said.

The drama earlier unnerved some residents, who remained in their homes.

A woman, who did not want to be named, said she could hear police asking the man through a loud speaker to, "Come out and we will settle things peacefully'."

"I have locked the doors and windows and am just staying inside with the curtains drawn."