The man shot by police in Rotorua has died.

Police said Shargin Stephens, 35, of Rotorua, died in Waikato Hospital yesterday.

The death will be referred to the Coroner and a post-mortem examination will be done today.

Stephens was wielding a 1.2m long "slasher" when he allegedly attacked a police car driving along Vaughan Rd.


Police say the officer called for help and Stephens was followed to Marino Rd where he was pepper-sprayed.

Despite being sprayed three times Stephens did not stop and when he started to move towards a nearby crowded shopping centre police shot him twice.

At the time police believed he was possibly high on methampethamine.

Stephens was listed as in a critical condition in Waikato Hospital since the July 14 shooting.

Police are continuing to investigate the shooting and are still asking for anyone who witnessed it to come forward.

They are appealing for the young men who filmed a widely circulated video of the shooting to contact them.

They also want anyone with information or footage to contact police to help build a more detailed picture of what happened.