More than 200 tickets were handed out to Auckland drivers today as a part of a police sting aimed at reducing dangerous driving.

More than 100 police officers targeted various locations in Auckland looking for drivers speeding, not wearing seatbelts, driving carelessly and illegally using cellphones.

Auckland City district road policing manager Matt Knowsley said although the operation went well today, 100 drivers were caught using their phones.

He said this behaviour was unacceptable and drivers needed to think about their journey before getting behind the wheel.


"The best advice is to switch your cellphone off before you put the keys in the ignition."

"Our concerns is the little things turns to the bigger things. People think, it's all right, I'll be okay on this stretch of of road.

"It's not okay, there's always a chance to cause trauma to yourself and to other people by developing these bad habits," Mr Knowsley said.

The sting today also saw two cars impounded, including that of a driver speeding at more than 40km per hour over the limit on St Andrews Rd in Epsom.

"I describe that behaviour as diabolical as it wasn't too far from a school."

Another issue which concerned police was children not being in correct car seats.

All children under the age of seven must be in an approved child restraint.

However, today wasn't about the number of tickets issued to drivers, Mr Knowsley said.

"Today was about getting a message out that this behaviour causes trauma.

"It's not just the holiday period we need to think about it, it's every day.

"I would like to acknowledge the majority of drivers who drove safely and lawfully," he said.

The operation will finished at 9 o'clock tonight.