More than $1.7 million of assets and money has been seized from a Wellington methamphetamine ring busted by police.

Police national organised crime group detectives have seized about houses, vehicles and bank accounts from the criminal gang.

One man is charged with two counts of supplying P and will appear in Wellington District Court today.

A female cog in the ring was last month charged with three counts of supplying meth, one of possessing it for supply and cannabis supply charges. She's due back in court on Monday.


The man was arrested at his central Wellington property about 6.30am today, Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Pritchard said.

"The police recovery unit has today restrained over $1m of property belonging to this offender, including two houses, two vehicles and bank accounts totalling $105,000 allegedly gained through drug crime.

"In addition, this morning we restrained a house belonging to a female offender who was charged last month."

The two were linked to a meth dealing network operating in the capital.

"Today's arrest is the result of detailed work to identify these methamphetamine dealers."

Mr Patrick said the arrests sent a message to drug barons - police won't tolerate them making money from users and harming people.

"It is possible to get free of this drug, and get you and your families' lives back on track," Mr Pritchard said.