Fog restrictions put in place at Auckland Airport at 7:26am has now been lifted.

More than 100 domestic flights leaving and arriving into Auckland Airport have been cancelled due to heavy fog.

About 84 domestic arrivals and 78 domestic departures have been cancelled, an Auckland Airport spokesperson said.

Eight domestic departures were also delayed.


Three international flights were diverted to Wellington and also three to Christchurch.

Airline passengers have had a day of disruption. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Airline passengers have had a day of disruption. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Fog would be lingering in some parts of the North Island, especially in Waikato and Auckland, Weather Watch head analyst Philip Duncan said.

It would linger tomorrow in the eastern parts of the North Island such as Hawke's Bay.

Earlier today, Flight NZ 8214 to Auckland was cancelled, with passengers now hopping on to a bus to complete their journey due to heavy fog.

A passenger stranded at Tauranga Airport said four more flights had been diverted, including her's from Gisborne to Auckland.

Passengers booked on flights to Kerikeri and Taupo were also been loaded on to buses, as nearly 30 domestic flights were cancelled, and 18 delayed nationally this morning.

Four flights to and from Christchurch were also been delayed because of the conditions.

Passengers are advised to check the Auckland Airport website for the latest flight arrival and departure information.