Auckland drivers are being targeted under a police operation aimed at reducing dangerous behaviour on the roads.

More than 100 police officers will be placed at high-risk locations in the city on Thursday to identify drivers who are putting themselves or others at risk.

They will be on the lookout for dangerous activities include those using mobile phones, not wearing seatbelts, not having children in the correct restraints, running red lights, speeding and driving drunk or drugged.

The operation will start at 7am and go until late.


Sergeant Tony Field said the message to drivers was to think twice before putting themselves or other road users at risk.

Last year 92 deaths were linked with people not using seatbelts.

"Wearing your seatbelt is such an easy thing to do and they save lives - it's that simple," Mr Field said.

"We're committed to reducing road trauma and crashes in our city and an effective way of doing this is through prevention, education and enforcement."