A person has died in an accident at a flooring factory in Silverdale, north of Auckland, this morning.

An ambulance spokesman said a man in his 50s died at the scene and could not be saved.

The incident happened at Young and Robins, Silverdale, just after 11am.

The Fire Service and ambulance attended the incident.


Police are notifying the next of kin.

Young and Robins' roller doors have been closed, and two security guards have been placed at the entrance informing media the area is cordoned off by police.

Three police cars are parked down the driveway but no activity can be seen.

An ambulance was seen leaving the address around 12:40pm.

Neighbouring businesses in the industrial complex, Bridgestone Tyre Centre and Cornish Truck and Van Servicing, shows no signs of activity and both have chains up over the entrances.

An employee at nearby VTNZ said Young and Robins had just moved into the factory after it had been empty for a period of time.

Staff at a nearby cafe said they didn't see or hear anything out if the ordinary.