Auckland firefighters rushed to Pt Chevalier to rescue a 6-month-old guide dog puppy from a drain this morning.

Maddie, a black labrador puppy and guide dog in training, became stuck in a watery pit after she wandered about 4m into a stormwater drain at Eric Armishaw Reserve in Pt Chevalier this morning.

Two fire crews headed to the scene to help the puppy out.

Avondale senior station officer Dave Wood said Maddie had walked along an open drain and then fallen into the pit filled with water, which she was unable to get out of.


Mr Wood said a firefighter crawled down a manhole and got her out.

"She was pretty cold and wet, but when we gave her back to her owners she was good," he said.

He said the Fire Service would speak to Auckland Council tomorrow about getting the ditch covered.

"They really need to get it covered so another animal or even a child doesn't fall in there."

Maddie's owner Diana Clarke was walking along the beach this morning when she said Maddie disappeared up the stormwater drain to "investigate something".

"And she didn't come back out. I spent quite a few minutes trying to call her and entice her out and she stated making a little bit of noise and it was clear that she was stuck.

"She was whimpering and crying quite loudly."

Ms Clarke - a "Puppy Walker" for the Blind Foundation - thought she'd try the Fire Service to see if they could help.

"They were just wonderful - very helpful - and they sent along some lovely firemen and women."

Maddie is absolutely fine now, Ms Clarke said, but she was going to keep the pup inside for the rest of the day.

She agreed with Mr Wood that the drain needed to be covered.

"Bearing in mind how easy it was for a dog to get trapped in there, it would be very easy for a small child to get trapped in there as well."

Puppy Walkers look after guide dog puppies until they are old enough to begin training.

Maddie has been with Ms Clarke and her husband for four months and with remain with them until February