Northland's top roading cop is "horrified and astounded" after a driver was stopped allegedly doing 165km/h on a busy stretch of Northland state highway.

The alleged speedster was caught on Wednesday afternoon - within days of Queen's Birthday weekend, when 11 people died in road accidents across New Zealand, three in Northland.

It was the holiday weekend's worst road toll in 27 years and had police clamouring for people to take care and slow down.

Northland road policing manager Inspector Wayne Ewers said the man was stopped about 1.45pm as he drove along State Highway 1 at Uretiti, south of Whangarei.


Mr Ewers said he was "horrified and astounded" by the man's behaviour.

"This person has not only put himself at risk but all other road users as well," Mr Ewers said.

"One small error of judgment at that speed and emergency services staff will yet again be picking up broken bodies off the Northland roads. It just has to stop."

The driver was facing a charge of driving at a dangerous speed and had his licence suspended for 28 days.

Mr Ewers said a small number of drivers still seemed to want to put other people's lives at risk, despite the efforts of the authorities.

"I make no apologies that these individuals need to be taken off our roads for the safety of everyone," he said.

He encouraged the public to report dangerous driving by calling *555.