A Mt Eden bar owner has hit out at police after an undercover sting put his liquor licence in jeopardy.

Brendan Barry said three underage girls were sent into his bar, Outside Obie, as part of a police sting about a month ago.

The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority has made applications to suspend or cancel his bar's on-licence as well as suspend his manager's licence.

Mr Barry conceded he had "stuffed up" but said the potential fall-out was out of proportion to what had happened.


He served the girls alcohol without checking their ID before realising they might not be of legal drinking age.

"But it was too late, by the time I figured out what's going on. It was just a stuff up, I mean I told all my staff just the day before 'always check people's IDs'."

Mr Barry's hearing before the authority is scheduled for later this month.

Police would not comment on the case before the hearing.

But Mr Barry said he did not think it was right for police to try and catch bar owners out with underaged 'customers'.

"That should not be the focus of the cops. I followed the law to the best of my ability and now I'm about to get pinged massively."

Meanwhile a Waiheke bar is set to have its special licence appealed and its off-licence suspended or cancelled by the authority.

Malone's Irish bar has been granted a special licence by the Auckland District Licensing Committee, but the council and the police are appealing that decision.

The Herald tried to make contact with the bar's owner for comment, but was unable to by the time the story was published.