The $33 million SkyPath cycling and walking attachment to the Auckland Harbour Bridge just got a step closer following wind tunnel testing not finding any significant issues with the proposed structure.

In a progress report to Auckland Council, it's revealed the testing was completed last month and consultants for the New Zealand Transport Agency are reviewing the results.

The SkyPath project will present the findings at a Governing Body meeting on Wednesday.

Opponents to the project have used the lack of testing as one of the reasons it should not go ahead.


However, Wednesday's meeting agenda reports the wind tunnel testing did not identify any significant concerns and that NZTA's consultants are currently reviewing the results and advise "it has not identified any significant issues".

Representatives from two groups opposing the project will also make submissions.

The man heading the privately funded side of the SkyPath project, Bevan Woodward, said he was always confident it would pass the testing and the it was just "one of the many thousands of steps" it had to go through.

Now the testing is complete, the design team is finishing the detailed design plan before the Transport Agency can grant a license to occupy.

The Environment Court also has to settle a dispute with the project's resource consent brought by three associations.

Mr Woodward said if everything goes to plan, the path could be open by next summer.

SkyPath proposal

• What it is - a tolled walking and cycling path under Auckland Harbour Bridge's citybound clip-on lanes.
• Cost - $33.5 million, from a private loan to be repaid over 25 years by a toll of about $3 each way, and partly underwritten by Auckland Council.